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Red Fox CG Character ‘Snaff Fox’

by on Oct.10, 2016, under Computer Graphics

Thought I’d tackle a digi-grade character and see how it turned out.  Fair pleased with this guy, but still have some touch up work to do.  He’s fully rigged so I’ll be doing some animation soon.

CG Fox

             Snaff Fox



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WIP Snaff Fox

by on Sep.26, 2016, under Computer Graphics

Here is a work in progress image.  Just finished up the rigging so I will be posting some complete images soon.


WIP image

WIP image

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Snow boarding image in Blender

by on Aug.14, 2016, under News


For those interesting in the technical aspects of this image, here’s a screenshot with all the assets visible.

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Snow boarding

by on Aug.14, 2016, under News

JF ChillFox snowboarding

I’m working on a couple of new images featuring JF.  This one had some interesting challenges.  The character wasn’t too much of a problem, but the snow spray took me  a while.  The snow is from a series of particle emitters using a small white globe as the base, the snow fog is smoke with spot lights shining on it to brighten it up. Overall took about 8 hours to render.

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JF Chill Fox Pose 2

by on Jul.16, 2016, under Computer Graphics


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JF Chill Fox completed

by on Jul.06, 2016, under Computer Graphics

JF Chill Fox is completed-  rigged and furred.  Below is a pose I finished.  Not everything is right with this character, I learned a lot during his creation and some things are just not right like the texturing and the eyelids.  He is posable though and I plan to set him in some environments. Also,  I’m starting to work on a buddy for him-  an arctic wolf.

JF Chill Fox


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Arctic Foxy progress report 5_22

by on May.22, 2016, under Computer Graphics

I managed to fix all the issues with the teeth and now moved on to adding fur.  Here is the results so far, still have some tweaking to do on the fur. Next up is adding the rig and working on the expressions.

Arctic Foxy_WIP

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WIP- CG furry arctic fox- Jaw set

by on May.14, 2016, under News

Working on arctic foxy’s teeth.  Unfortunately I haven’t found any really good tutorials on how to create animal jaw sets so I’m playing around with creating from scratch in Zbrush.  This is what is have so far:

Tooth wip1


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Latest 3D character WIP Arctic Foxy

by on May.14, 2016, under Computer Graphics

Actic foxy WIP

Here is my latest CG character- this is the Zbrush model.  I’ll be importing him into Blender for fur, rigging and texturing.  My plan is for him to have both a winter and summer coats of fur. Don’t have an official name for him yet.

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Koot CG Raccoon Pose 2

by on May.08, 2016, under Computer Graphics

Koot raccoon Pose 2

In this pose I used a photo style soft background.  There is an HDRI image in the background for all around lighting and a spotlight and sunlamp to provide some shadowing.

The biggest hassle with this pose was the weight painting- not my favorite CG chore!  Basically the weight painting maps the skin to the underlying rig.  The idea is when the figure is posed the skin should follow nice and smoothly, yeah well, it’s- touchy.  If it’s not right, the character mesh can blow up big time. There is some messy weight mapping in this pose but- fur covers a lot of less than perfect mesh!


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