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Crema OC in Unity WIP

by on Oct.15, 2017, under Computer Graphics, MLP

I’m working on making hair cards look good when importing from Blender to Unity.  Here is a WIP,  for some reason the import blows up the hair UV mapping.  I’ll get it fixed though.


Crema WIP Unity

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New model Twilight Sparkle

by on Sep.23, 2017, under News

Been awhile since I posted here,  most of my models are posted to DeviantArt first these days. My Deviant account can be found at:  https://shunaka.deviantart.com.

Here is my latest finished model, Twilight Sparkle for My Little Pony.  This was done mostly in Blender but I also used Zbrush for mesh tweaking and Substance Painter for the texturing.

Twilight CG HD

I also have game friendly version done with polystrip hair up on SketchFab:

Currently on my worklist are:

High and low poly model of Applejack  and  game friendly version of my OC pony Crema Cream.



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New CG 3D Ponies! OC ‘Crema’

by on Jun.07, 2017, under Computer Graphics, MLP

I’ve started branching off from my usually furry figures to MLP ponies.

Crema 6_10a

Completed pose and render of Crema. Pretty much all of the rigging is done, have a few more controls to add before I tackle some animation. In the mean time, I’ll do a few more poses soon. Feel free to ask if you have any Blender questions, the program is deep but I know my way around fairly well. If I don’t know the answer, I can probably point you to some place where you can get it.
Here is what I have so far on Crema’s character:

Crema is an earth pony whose passion is everything coffee. She was born in the western hills of Equestria on her parents coffee farm. Always looking for something different to do, she left the farm to explore the world. Eventually she settled in Ponyville and opened a coffee shop called Crema’s Coffee Corral. Her shop is known for her speciality ‘Zingo Crunch Coffee’- chocolate covered dark roasted whole coffee beans in a bowl- caffeine zing for ponies! The shop also has a small performance space for karaoke, musicians and storytellers.

Crema is not that socially inclined since she grew up on an isolated farm but, since opening her coffee shop, she’s been forced to grow in that regard. She is highly energetic and puts in long hours at her shop, but tries to get away when she can to explore around Ponyville and make new friends.



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New CG Image ‘Chillin Fox’

by on Dec.08, 2016, under Computer Graphics

This is an image I’ve been working on for a while.  The background cabin and surrounding trees were bought from Turbo Squid.  Problem has been the textures are not Blender optimized so it chews up CPU cycles during the render.  It’s good enough for now-  may come back to it later for tweaking.



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Red Fox CG Character ‘Snaff Fox’

by on Oct.10, 2016, under Computer Graphics

Thought I’d tackle a digi-grade character and see how it turned out.  Fair pleased with this guy, but still have some touch up work to do.  He’s fully rigged so I’ll be doing some animation soon.

CG Fox

             Snaff Fox



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WIP Snaff Fox

by on Sep.26, 2016, under Computer Graphics

Here is a work in progress image.  Just finished up the rigging so I will be posting some complete images soon.


WIP image

WIP image

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Snow boarding image in Blender

by on Aug.14, 2016, under News


For those interesting in the technical aspects of this image, here’s a screenshot with all the assets visible.

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Snow boarding

by on Aug.14, 2016, under News

JF ChillFox snowboarding

I’m working on a couple of new images featuring JF.  This one had some interesting challenges.  The character wasn’t too much of a problem, but the snow spray took me  a while.  The snow is from a series of particle emitters using a small white globe as the base, the snow fog is smoke with spot lights shining on it to brighten it up. Overall took about 8 hours to render.

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