Proof of concept

I believe my proof of concept attempt for making a comic in 3D worked really well- I was able to create pages, publish them out and they looked good enough for a first try.
I learned a lot about the pipeline from Blender to Unity and what the look of the comic might be. With that in mind, I’m pretty much going to do a procedural reboot of the project:
-I’m dumping the Unity part and will be building entirely in Blender. Yes, Unity has a lot of neat bolt-ons for terrain and vegetation but it’s actually very limiting. I can do the same thing in Blender, not as conveniently but with much more control. Eliminating Unity will also trim down the production pipeline massively- fewer applications to deal with means faster turnaround.
-I’m moving the town environment from pure desert to an Arizona-like chaparral: more like your classic western movie set.
-Will be testing out some procedural environment generators for Blender.